As the client satisfaction increases, there is a level of partnership attained which helps an organization in expanding the business. Here at CFC carriers, we have a provided our customers with logistic support & solutions to the various components of supply chain management. The capability of a company can be considered with the help of the work load it can handle.

At CFC carriers, it can be checked from transporting a single load and warehousing to manage overall transportation with respect to automotive, raw materials, machine manufacturer and industries dealing with consumer goods. Warehousing may vary in different modes leading to single storage.

We have flexible warehousing solutions featured at three strategically located distribution locations like Delhi, Noida and Vadodra. CFC carrier takes the responsibility for handling of your Company’s products as a serious responsibility, therefore we hold ourselves the highest quality of service. We like to represent you in terms of our work and have always served the product with great dedication. We understand that your customers will seek an extension of your Company in the near future. Therefore, we not only work for you, we work for the trust between us.

Many of our clients have been benefitted for our multi-locations services. This has allowed them to get the stuff carried with an ease. The various services covered by CFC Carriers are:-

  1. Fulfilling of order
  2. Picking and Packing
  3. Special handling of stuff
  4. Visibility of inventory
  5. Inventory management
  6. Warehouse management
  7. High end security capabilities

We have the capability to engineer the design, Implement the concept and manage the process of the flow of goods from origin to the destination on behalf of customer. We have our warehouse stations at all the prime locations which makes it easier for the clients to transfer and receive their goods easily. An additional benefit of these branches is that they are fully equipped with latest electronics equipments and possess remote connection facility. They all are connected with the help of internet and the complete data can be shared at any of the branches.

CFC carriers have also provided a wonderful facility of GPS tracking which enables to track the consignment in an enhanced manner. With the help of this GPS (Global Position Tracking) system in our vehicles we can track our vehicles and control them on the basis of speed, location and the running status. So now there is no delay of the consignment. The product is delivered on the tentative date to your clients.

Customer satisfaction has always been the main concern for CFC carriers. With our concentration to satisfy the needs of out clients, we tend to provide more services to out clients in an efficient manner. CFC carriers have provided quality service that tends to rely upon customer interaction and feedback. CFC Carriers Pvt. Ltd was the predefined business process to optimize the own and customer’s resources, which is the test of quality. We prefer to keep our valuable customers smiling with our quality service and grow in win- win situation.