CFC carriers have been at your doorstep with all your logistic demands and solutions of supply chain management. We deliver your parcels with utmost care and on the specified time. We work on the latest technology and all our vehicles have GPS system installed which helps us to keep a track of your parcel. We are able to locate the location, speed and the running status for our vehicles.

Several national and corporate houses rely on our extensive market knowledge and expertise to get their supply chain optimized. This optimization results in reduction of cost and increased inventory velocity. This enhances customer satisfaction, raises profitability.

Our offices at prime locations allow you to make the transaction at any of the window. Some of the key facts:-

  1. Specialization in transportation and logistics in northern, western and southern parts of India.
  2. Warehousing and branch office facilities at prime locations.
  3. Large fleet of own and attached top-notch condition (containerized as well as open trucks/trailers/normal trucks/lcvs/mcvs/feeder vehicles).
  4. Well-trained and experienced drivers and ground staff for all types of support for top notch upkeep of fleet.
  5. Operating 24 hours a day/365 days a year.
  6. Customer specific delivery system.
  7. Material specific handling and transportation system.
  8. Delivering the customer specific commitments everyday.
  9. Proper tracking and tracing system and reporting to key information.
  10. Single source information.
  11. CFC carriers Pvt. Ltd also creates holiday’s contingencies to ensure continual operational support during abnormal workdays.

We are the approved transporter by I.B.A. (Indian Bank Association) bearing the registration no: DLC-1461. CFC carriers Pvt Ltd has been trying real hard to get total customer satisfaction and now has developed a wide range of services for cargo management. The transfer of cargo was taken as a challenge and now we have wide array of services. This expertise is backed by a formidable network in north, west and southern part of India, making us work 24hours a day and 365 days a year. We can also help our clients in getting chartered vehicles for India.

While your parcels are on it way, we take serious measures for its safety. We work with our clients for their clients. Therefore we understand the value of respect and work management. The drivers are well trained in order to take care of the parcels which we consider it to be very important. Our vehicles are completely well maintained in order to avoid disrupted activity during the whole journey. Apart from all, we have always achieved the timeline for our clients.

With out system of services our clients can never face obstacles and will always move with a smile on their face. The level of satisfaction only makes a better relationship with the clients. It is the trust and faith of our customers which has made us reach the level of excellence. Our workforce works in a disciplined manner and is the reason for our happy customers. The quality service has always been our main issue which has made us work with various clients.