Supply Chain

CFC carriers Pvt. Ltd offers a great level of understanding to its clients and with the help of such relationships we are able to achieve big targets. Our ideas have the power to reach new heights in the field of transportation where the need of our customers can be met. Being a one stop solution provider to all of our clients, we have some of the partnerships with our clients which tend to provide them an effective supply chain management. This supply chain management is a continuous process and has led to a great success.

Partnerships have always been the key to great success stories. We have been serving our clients with great excellence and most efficient & effective distribution plan. This makes them save money and time which would lead to improvement in service levels provided to their customers.

We have received an ISO 9001:2000 certification and we are one of the leading transporters, solution providers to all the component of supply chain management. Understanding the needs of our customers, we tend to satisfy all of our customers with wide range of services and advance methods.

CFC Carriers was the predefined business process to optimize the own and customer’s resources, which is the test of quality. We prefer to keep our valuable customers smiling with our quality service and grow in win- win situation.

Our implementation, engineering and work management embeds with the work force to excel in a manner and achieve new heights. Different national and corporate houses have faith on us regarding our extensive market knowledge & expertise level. This is done in regard to optimize their supply chain which results in reduced costs and increased inventory velocity. This in turn enhances the level of satisfaction of the customer which further results in increased profit and building of strategic knowledgeable staff which has the ability to lift pressure. Pressure here denotes “pressure of getting the right product to the right place in the right time for the right cost”.

We have some specialization in taking dry goods like Coal, Coke, Limestone, Urea, DAP etc. Under Liquid goods, we have been dealing with Diesel, Petrol, benzene, Furnace oil etc. Lastly, under gases, we deal with LPG, Chlorine and Oxygen. The Staff with us has proven their capability to work in a clubbed team with great discipline which forces the complete manpower in them and creates logistic landmarks and incomparable innovations.