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Our Services

We at CFC carriers Pvt. Ltd help you to create a big difference with our innovations and logistics support and wide range of solutions. We understand the needs of our customers, their ideas and get them the desired range of services with the unique and advanced methods. Our one stop service allows our clients to save their precious time by allowing us to work for them in a specified manner leading to great level of satisfaction.

With great excellence we tend to satisfy our customers which further enable them to trust us in an organized manner. Our implementation, engineering and work management embeds with the work force to excel in a manner and achieve new heights. Lifting bulk consignment goods from various parts of the country and dealing with regular transportation of goods is our work and we have been doing it since long time. Our achievement speaks for us and makes the customer develop a level of trust for us.

Under cargo management, our work starts from the starting level of lifting the cargo to the final destined level of delivering the cargo at the desired place. We know that a quality service depends on the customer interaction level and business environment. CFC carriers Pvt. Ltd prefers to keep a smile on the face of its clients by providing them to grow in win-win situation.

Our expertise provides you help 24 hours and 365 days a year with our wide network spread all over the country especially in north, west and southern parts of India. With the increase in the requirement of goods, we also tend to provide you with chartered vehicles throughout the country.

The best feature in all our vehicles is that there is a (GPS- Global Positioning System) facility to track vehicles and get information about speed, location and running status of the vehicles. We work with the latest trends of technology aspects. Our branches are fully equipped with latest electronic equipments and Internet facility to get remotely connected to each other.

Our Strengths & infrastructure

  • Material specific handling and transportation system.
  • Well-trained and experienced drivers and ground staff for all types of support for top notch upkeep of fleet.
  • Warehousing and branch office facilities at prime locations.
  • Delivering the customer specific commitments every day.
  • Proper tracking and tracing system and reporting to key information.
  • Single source information.
  • Large fleet of own and attached top-notch condition (containerized as well as open trucks/trailers/normal trucks/LCVs/MCVs/feeder vehicles).

At the same time, we assure that your orders will get most careful consideration and prompt attention in execution of the same. We provide your company with the most efficient & cost effective distribution plan possible saving your money and valuable time thus, improving your service levels to your customers.